Monday, July 18, 2011

A Word for Preachers...Alexander on Scripture and Authority

"However, we must never forget that exousia (the Greek word for "authority") is a New Testament concept, behind which lies the fact that the ultimate authority belongs to God, and that he mediates that authority through his Word.  So the true picture in the New Testament is not that of a congregation under the authority of the preacher: but of both preacher and congregation under the authority of God's written Word.  Indeed, it seems to me that the fundamental place of preaching in the church is simply a corollary of the fundamental place of Scripture in the church.  If you erode the latter, you will certainly erode the former.  Church history has consistently demonstrated this.  To be logical and consistent, if we say that Scripture is fundamental to the church's life and continuance, then it is the exposition of Scripture which is fundamental to the church's pattern of activity."

Eric Alexander


Anonymous said...

Remember that the preacher is considered Gods voice on earth!

Anonymous said...

David said that not Anonymous!