Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DVD...God's Technology

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I am very excited about the Mid-Michigan Conference for Reformed Theology which we will be holding October 30. The theme will be Reformation Family Living in the 21st Century and our speakers will be Joel Beeke and David Murray.

One of the topics which Dr. Murray will address will be that of technology and how we as Christian families ought to interact with it.  He has produced a 40 minute DVD on this topic entitled God's Technology.  In it he makes the point that the digital revolution is perhaps a bigger revolution than even the industrial revolution was, and in light of this momentous era of change, it is essential that parents develop a distinctive Christian response.

The answer, he argues is to neither blindly embrace all that technology produces nor to attempt complete separation from it. Rather, we must adopt a plan of disciplined discernment.  In the video, he outlines and models one such plan.

We'd love to have you at our conference.  If you can't make it though (especially if you have children), watch this video.  I've posted a trailer for it below and you can purchase it either via DVD or digital download here.

God's Technology Trailer from Puritan Reformed on Vimeo.

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