Friday, October 22, 2010

Book Review - Christians Get Depressed Too

David Murray's Christians Get Depressed Too is a concise, practical book which is designed to be helpful for both those suffering from depression as well as those who are in some capacity caring for others who are fighting it.  Murray is quite clear that he does not view depression as something which is inconsistent with Christianity.  In fact, he points out, many heroes of the faith, including those in the Bible, have struggled with varying degrees of depression.

Beyond this, Murray points out that though depression always has spiritual effects, its causes are not always spiritual in nature.  Often times, life situations and physical ailments over which a person has no control stand behind their suffering with depression.  In such situations, the proper treatment for depression will often not be purely spiritual in nature.  He argues there are certain times, for instance, which call for the introduction of medication to correct physical problems.

This book doesn't claim to have all the answers.  There are no quick-fix promises.  But it does offer some very practical steps in working through depression.  If you are struggling with depression, or if someone you love is, I highly recommend this book


Jacob said...

I'm Super Excited for next weekends conference!!!!!!!

Thanks for posting this book, sounds like a helpful read.
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Pete Scribner said...

Looking forward to seeing you! It should be great.