Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Light in the Darkness

It was still dark Sunday morning as I drove to church, when my eyes beheld the most beautiful sight. Hanging against the backdrop of a black sky, a big, beautiful full moon shone brightly. To be sure, there was an attractiveness that the moon had in and of itself, but it was made all the more luminous in contrast with the darkness of the morning sky which surrounded it. I wondered at its beauty there, the only celestial object my eyes were able to behold at this early morning hour, and then the enigmatic truth struck me: Even as my world was shrouded in darkness and the sun was at this moment obscured from my eyes, it was still the source of the light that made the moon so radiant.

As I continued on my way, it occurred to me that we too, as Christians, are to shine brightly against the backdrop of our setting. We live in a world which is at times exceedingly dark, and people should note the contrast when they see our lives. It should be a thing of breath-taking beauty. This is only possible because (just like the moon) the light with which we shine does not emanate from within us. Rather, it is a reflection of the Son, who (for a time) is also hidden from our sight. But his light shining in and through us is a reminder to ourselves and to others that he will return; light will overcome darkness and it will be day once again.