Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fun...Kurt Warner Comeback?

As I've mentioned before, Kurt Warner was, is and always will be my favorite football player. Part of that is because, being a native St. Louisan, I was a big Rams fan when he helped turn a perennial cellar-dweller into a Super Bowl champion. Then he followed this up by leading the team of my youth (the Cardinals) to the Super Bowl as well.  Furthermore, his personal history of grocery store stockboy turned NFL MVP is one of the great underdog stories of all time. Finally, add to these the fact that he found a way to have a Christian testimony in the midst of all this that was strong and yet not as annoying to non-Christians as that of many other outspoken Christian athletes.
Side note...A little trivia question for you here: In the 47 Super Bowls to have been played, what quarterback threw for the most yards in a game? How about the second most? How about the third?
Answer: Kurt Warner. Kurt Warner. And Kurt Warner. That's right. Of the 94 starting quarterbacks in the history of the Super Bowl, Kurt Warner's three starts were the top three performances in terms of passing yards.
Anyway, sports-wise, I'd love nothing more than to see Kurt Warner make a comeback and play forever. With that in mind, I really enjoyed the following video:

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