Thursday, February 16, 2012

Helpful Quotes from a Study of Galatians

Last night I led our congregational Bible study which is working its way through the book of Galatians. Our text was Galatians 4:8-11, and as I prepared for it, I came across a number of helpful quotes from people far wiser than me. I thought I'd share some of them with you here:
Philip Ryken: “A Christian simply is someone who knows God – not someone who knows about God, as if Christianity were some sort of philosophy, but someone who has a relationship with God. In the Bible, the knowledge of God is always personal. It involves an intimate encounter with God the Father, through the Spirit of his Son. Christianity is not a matter of what we know; it is a matter of whom we know.” 

John Calvin : “Paul reminds the Galatians whence they had derived the knowledge of God. He affirms that they did not obtain it by their own exertions, by the acuteness or industry of their own minds, but because, when they were at the farthest possible remove from thinking of him, God visited them in mercy.  What is said of the Galatians may be extended to all; for in all are fulfilled the words of Isaiah, ‘I am sought by them that asked not for me: I am found by them that sought me not.’ (Isaiah 65:1)”
Martin Luther: “Therefore, as many as trust to their own strength and righteousness, do serve a god, but such a god as they themselves have devised, and not the true God. For the true God speaketh thus: No righteousness, wisdom, nor religion, pleaseth Me, but that only whereby the Father is glorified through the Son.”

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