Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Being "A Successful Preacher"

30 years ago toay, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, one of my preaching "heroes" (for lack of a better word), went to be with the Lord.  Today I saw a neat video (included below) of a television interview with him from 1970.

I love it at the 2:40 mark when the interviewer, discussing Lloyd-Jones' call to ministry, asks the question, "Did you feel in yourself that you had the qualities that would make a successful preacher?"  Lloyd-Jones responds, "I really was never concerned about that.  My concern was with what needed to be preached, and it was this burning conviction as to the message needed that drove me on."

May all of us who are preachers have a similar aloofness toward "success," and a similar conviction that the gospel needs to be preached.

(HT: @JohnPiper)

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