Thursday, December 13, 2012

Making Sure We See Christ at Christmas

If you are a Christian, it's likely that in recent weeks you've heard someone say (or said yourself) that we need to make sure we keep "Christ" in Christmas. I guess it's only natural; in our ever-increasingly secular society, the reality is that Christmas too has become increasingly secular. Materialism, Santa Claus and any number of other competitors vie to steal our attention from the Savior.
I saw a good post this morning though from Jared Wilson that took a slightly different tack. It was entitled, Don’t Let Christmas Distract You From Jesus, and I found that it really struck a chord with me. In it he states,
There is a great danger this Christmas season of missing the point. And I’m not referring simply to idolatrous consumption and materialism. I’m talking about Christmas religiosity. It is very easy around this time to set up our Nativity scenes, host our Christmas pageants and cantatas, read the Christmas story with our families, attend church every time the door is open, and insist to ourselves and others that Jesus is the reason for the season, and yet not see Jesus...(T)here is something about indulging in the religious Christmas routine that lulls us into thinking we are dwelling in Christ when we are really just set to seasonal autopilot, going through the festive and sentimental motions...Don’t get distracted from Jesus by “Jesus.” This year, plead with the Spirit to interrupt your nice Christmas with the power of Jesus’ gospel.
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