Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Year to Remember

For many reasons, 2012 was truly a year to remember for me. I'd like to share two of them with you.

In the spring, my eight-year old daughter and I attended the Girl Scout Daddy-Daughter Dance. We had a wonderful time, but what made it especially memorable was the fact that they had a "dance competition" wherein each of the 100+ couples were judged for their dancing skills, and we took home the trophy as the night's champions!

My daughter has ALWAYS wanted to win a trophy like her big brother (who has several). And now, having gotten one, she has truly enjoyed it. Each night ever since, when she goes to bed she turns the trophy (which is on her nightstand) to face her bed so that she can gaze upon it from there. To see the joy that she experienced that night was such a memorable experience that it brings tears to my eyes as I type these words.

That was not the only exciting parenting moment though. To say my now thirteen-year old son loves baseball is a HUGE understatement. And without going into details, let me just say that the 2011 Little League season ended in massive heartbreak.

The summer of 2012 more than made up for it though. I help coach his team and we were excited to find out at the start of the season that we were going to be the Cardinals this year. Our enjoyment continued through an undefeated regular season with Jack batting cleanup. In the league championship game it looked like it would all be for naught when we fell behind 8-1 early, but after a great comeback, we led a wild game 19-18 in the last inning with my son on the mound. Much to his parents' relief, he struck out the final batter to secure the championship and celebration ensued!

What made both of these moments so special for me was not just my involvement in them. My excitement wasn't tied to MY success as a dancer or MY success as a coach. My excitement was bound up in the excitement of my children, both of whom I dearly love.

And as I consider how much I love my children, it occurs to me that God loves his children infinitely more. How incredibly blessed I am!

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