Monday, January 9, 2012

David & Goliath: A Gospel-Centered Approach

Trevin Wax posted the following video from Matt Chandler and The Gospel Project dealing with the difference between a moralistic approach to the Bible and one that is gospel-centered.  Far too often, Chandler suggests, we see the Bible as being primarily about us, when it is really to be understood as being primarily about God and what he has done in history to accomplish his purposes.

I remember sitting in a seminary class when I was first exposed to this truth. It was revolutionary. I had always thought the message of David & Goliath was essentially, "David trusted God and slew his giant. If you trust in God like David did, you can slay your giants too." As Chandler points out though, this is to miss the point of the story altogether, shifting the focus off of God and onto us.  In essence Chandler points out how much better it is to understand the story as follows:

There is one who is the anointed king of God's people, born in Bethlehem. One who, though not the most impressive physically, was chosen by God to shepherd his people.  This shepherd-king not only does battle with the giant who threatens the very existence of the people of God, but he slays this giant.  And even though the people of God have not done a single thing to accomplish this -- they have contributed NOTHING to it -- they get to share in the spoils of their champion's victory just as if it were their own...because it is, by the gracious provision of God.

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