Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beginning Again

You may recall the devastating fires that swept through Bastrop, Texas this past Labor Day weekend. It is likely that you had never heard of Bastrop before that. This was not the case for my family as we have friends who live there. Sadly, Clyde & Kitty's home was one of the 1700+ destroyed.

Since then, Kitty, who is also a very gifted painter, has been blogging through the daily journey of their recovery from this traumatic experience, with the goal that not only she but others might be helped by her doing so. As we've read her blog, entitled Providence Firestorm, my wife and I have been heartened by their resolve and encouraged by their faith. On many occasions, it has been a helpful corrective to me in the re-ordering of my priorities and focus. Today was one such occasion as she wrote the following:

20120112-074214.jpg"This is today's front page of our local paper. It is now 4 months after the fire took our home and at least 1700 other homes in our area. Through the months we have often heard the question “what started the fire” but this is the first time I have seen or heard the word LAWSUIT in regards to the devastating fires over Labor Day weekend. Even in my circle of friends and acquaintances, no one has asked me if I thought the Lord was the cause or was it pure evil. Why is it that we people have to find someone to blame for our misfortune. There are times when you have to understand your past and the damage done in order to forgive and move forward. In the case of these wildfires there is no choice, in my mind, but to move forward and begin again. Yes grieving the losses, but we must see God daily in the way he restores all things. The blame game takes away the focus of living and seeing His goodness and provision. Perhaps it’s like having a double mind set. You just can’t do both. There in not enough emotional energy to look backwards and move forwards. At least I can’t.

"Today I will pick up a paintbrush for the first time since August. It’s my move forward for today and a bit difficult, but I must begin this again."

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