Friday, October 12, 2012

Are You a Supermom?

I'm a firm believer in the concept that there is no more difficult (nor more underappreciated) job in all the world than being a mom. There has always been a lot of pressure on moms, and in this age where everyone is so quick to share their successes via social media (and conversely, so slow to share their failures), it seems to me that the pressure to "measure up" could often be crushing. And even if this isn't a temptation for you as a mom, your (righteous) desire to do what's best for your child is no doubt mingled with the reality that you at times fall short of this lofty goal.

Against this backdrop, Stephen Altrogge offers what I thought was a helpful word of encouragement for moms at his blog today. He writes,
Moms, Jesus wants you to chill out about being a mom. You don’t have to make homemade bread to be a faithful mom. You don’t have to sew you children’s clothing to be a faithful mom. You don’t have to coupon, buy all organic produce, keep a journal, scrapbook, plant a garden, or make your own babyfood to be a faithful mom. There’s nothing wrong with these things, but they’re also not in your biblical job description.
Altrogge goes on to present what that job description is:
  1. Love God.
  2. Love your husband (unless your a single mom, of course).
  3. Love your children.
Click here to read the whole post and I'd love to hear your feedback...especially if you're a mom!

(HT: David Crabb)

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Melody M said...

Love God, Love Your Husband, Love Your Children. Those things in themselves are enough to keep us plenty busy! And, we will still fall short! But, yes I think with the age of FB and Blogging it is easy to look at the other moms and compare ourselves. We think that we have to do more and push our kids harder. I have struggled with this myself. Read an article recently that was encouraging. It was in regards to pre-school education. Since studies have shown that by the third grade most students are at the same level, it is not necessary to "school" them before they reach school age. The things you should teach are; obedience, how to do chores and to enjoy being a part of the family! Wow, that took a load off! This was an additional encouragement to me and I thank you for sharing!