Monday, September 10, 2012

Failing to Compete4Christ

Kurt Earl is one of the football coaches at Lincoln Christian School in Lincoln, Nebraska and is the author of Compete4Christ. At that blog he encourages Christian athletes to compete on the playing field (win or lose) in a way that brings glory to their Lord.

Today he had a blog post that came from a slightly different angle than he usually provides. It was entitled How I Failed to Compete4Christ. In it he described how the game's action had sent him into a tirade that left him, in his words, "going Bobby Knight on everyone."
The problem wasn’t what I said. It wasn’t like my sentences were laced with curse words. I think what I had to say the guys needed to hear. The problem was the way I went about it. My body language and the tone and volume of my voice were unacceptable. In fact, a friend of mine who was sitting with my wife in the stands said something like, “Kurt looked like a normal coach after that interception” to my wife. Therein lays the problem. I looked normal. I looked like the world.
Click  here to read the entire post and see what happened next, and be reminded with Kurt of how the gospel enables us to not despair in the midst of our failures.
You see, our failures are great opportunities to rest and soak in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the midst of our mistakes our need for a Savior to stand in our place as the perfect sacrifice is obvious. Friday, as the reality of my mistake was sinking in, I was reminded that only through the power of Christ’s death on the cross am I forgiven and worthy of an eternity in Heaven. I was thankful that my shameful acts of sin do not count against me. Through faith in Christ I stand righteous before God.

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