Monday, July 16, 2012

J.D. Greear on the "Sinner's Prayer"

J.D. Greear offers some real helpful, balanced perspective in a recent article in Christianity Today entitled, Should We Stop Asking Jesus Into Our Hearts?
Belief and repentance are the only prescribed biblical instruments for laying hold of salvation. They might be expressed in a "sinner's prayer," but they are fundamentally postures of the heart toward God. It is possible to pray a sinner's prayer and not have repented and believed. It is also possible to repent and believe without articulating such a prayer.
He continues,
Salvation (is) obtained by simply resting on the two "facts" God had promised about Jesus: he was crucified as the payment for our sins; he was resurrected as proof that God accepted the payment. Just as Abraham was saved by believing God would keep his word, I was saved by believing he had. 
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