Thursday, March 29, 2012

Book Review: The Last Enemy by Mike Wittmer

In recent weeks, I've shared a couple quotes from Mike Wittmer's The Last Enemy: Preparing to Win the Fight of Your Life. Mike is a friend of mine and he had the publisher send the book to me for free, so perhaps I am a little biased. Even if I were not though, I would enthusiastically recommend this book.

Mike begins this look at his subject matter communicating what we all know to be true, but would rather ignore: "YOU ARE GOING TO DIE. Take a moment to let that sink in. You are going to die." He continues to speak quite candidly throughout the book about this much neglected topic.

The first three chapters are written to a general audience. After all, we all die, right? The remainder of the book though is directed specifically toward Christians in helping them to understand what exactly is an appropriate attitude to have toward death, and what we can expect after it. Death is indeed evil, Mike points out, and the last enemy. As such it is understandable why one should fear it. But as Mike puts it, "fear is no match for faith," as the one on whom we really is stronger than even death.

Each of the book's 23 chapters is short (approximately five pages) and followed by four "Questions for Reflection." This structure makes the book not only suitable for individual reading, but ideal for group study. I recommend it for anyone who wants to be prepared for what they inevitably will face.

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