Monday, September 12, 2011

A Word for Preachers...T. David Gordon on Preaching Redemptively

"Now, since Christ rescues us from both the guilt and the power of sin, one aspect of his work is the work of sanctification, whereby he renews us into the image of God and conforms us to his own likeness.  So Christian proclamation includes the shaping of a Christian moral vision, and preaching Christ does not exclude, but intentionally includes such a vision.  But it is never appropriate, in my estimation, for one word of moral counsel ever to proceed from a Christian pulpit that is not clearly, in its context, redemptive.  That is, even when the faithful exposition of particular texts requires some explanation of aspects of our behavior, it is always to be done in a manner that the hearer perceives such commended behavior to be itself a matter of being rescued from the power of sin through the grace of Christ.  When properly done, the hearer longs to be rescued from that depravity from which no sinner can rescue himself; and the hearer rejoices to know that a kind and gracious God is both willing and able to begin that rescue, which will be completed in glorification."

T. David Gordon
Why Johnny Can't Preach: The Media Have Shaped the Messengers

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